Finka Studio is the design studio of Ann-Marie Polozova

I was drawn to graphic design because it combines my love for aesthetics with function and problem solving. At 15 years old, when the internet was new to us and "social media" was not a phrase, I created my own website, and have been in love with typography, color, and layout ever since.

Before leaving to pursue my own design practice, I spent five years at an agency working primarily on adidas, where I developed my skills in print and digital design as well as photoshoot art direction and hand-lettering. 

Though raised internationally by my Finnish mother and Bolivian father, largely in S.E. Asia, I have now spent over half my life in Portland, Oregon. Here, I obtained a B.A. in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College and a B.F.A. in Communication Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

I'm very interested in environmental issues, children, developing countries, and healthy, conscious, sustainable living, and would especially love to work on projects with those that have similar values. 

In my free time I'm either buried in a book, rearranging my furniture, or dreaming about future travels with my husband.

I also sell prints at Etsy, fabric at Spoonflower, and products at Society6