Once we've established communication, I'll ask you about the scope of the project. I'll then create a proposal with my cost estimate, schedule, and a contract of terms. Once we've both signed it, a standard 50% deposit is due before works begins. The remainder is due at the end.



This is the most important part of the process: getting to know everything I can about your brand and business. Without this step, we're just guessing at what would look good! I'll send you a questionnaire that helps me understand the business's background, competition, goals, and more. This helps us get on the same page so that moving forward, we can refer to this document to make sure we're on track. 



This varies from project to project, but always begins with mood boards (inspirational images that together create a visual direction, in the form of a board). Mood boards make sure we're not only on the same page verbally, but also visually. Once a mood board is chosen, I'll begin to concept solutions to the creative problem.



You choose the concept from those presented, and we'll refine it so that we end up with the best possible result. 



Following the solution, we'll also make sure to nail down your typography and color palette as well as anything else the project requires. I'll create a brand guideline document to serve as a reference for you so that in the future you can always remain on brand easily.